Aglag Buteel Temple

Duration: day trip

Distance: 100 km east from Ulaanbaatar


Date: Choose your own date/ Customized

Main Destination: Bornuur soum of Tuv aimag province

Overview: Aglag Buteel temple is located in Daliin am of Bornuur soum of Tuv aimag province, which is about 100 km east from Ulaanbaatar. Travelling to Aglag Buteel temple, you can see God statues which are made by G.Purevbat, who is the leader of Mongolian Buddhist Institute and thangkas, appliques. Therefore, you can see the unusual taxidermy animal taxidermies such as horned rabbit, five headed fish, four horned cow and sheep, which were found accidently from Mongolian soums. At Aglag Buteel temple, you can chant, pray, meditate and travel around Temple.


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